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Our team treats children (age 6+) and adults for non-emergent mental illness. 

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Older Adult/Geriatric Consultations

Your 90-120 minute evaluation will include a general screening of mood and anxiety disorders with a patient-centered treatment plan by the end of the visit. This may result in a prescription for psychotropic medication and/or a psychotherapy plan/referral.

Patients previously treated by any of our clinicians in another setting may be able to have a shortened intake evaluation appointment.  Please contact the office to discuss.

Dr. M completed an ACGME-Accredited Fellowship in GERIATRIC PSYCHIATRY and is a subspecialist.  Some areas he can help with include DEMENTIA/Alzheimer's, Caregiver Burnout, Grief/Loss, and individuals with complex medical problems .

***ZXM Psychiatry PC accepts MEDICARE insurance***


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Med Management

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